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Duke with Grass

Meet Duke

Duke is a Rhodesian Ridgeback that we rescued in December of 2018. After fostering him for a week, we knew we had to adopt him and bring him into our family. He was (and sometimes still is) a handful and we were afraid he would go from foster to foster. CBD and been a crucial part of his acclimation to being a normal dog again. You can read more about Duke's story here.

Happy Thoughts from Duke's Clients


Makai, our 16-year-old border collie mix, started on Duke’s Naturals CBD oil three months ago. He had a series of seizures, and our vet mentioned that CBD works synergistically with the medication to help with seizures. Also, we wanted to find a natural remedy for his osteoarthritis pain to avoid adding a prescription pain drug, with all of the associated side effects. Within a few days, we met Irina and Duke. Irina was very helpful in explaining the benefits of CBD, working out a correct dosage, and getting Makai started on Duke’s Naturals. As you can see in the photo, Makai is back to enjoying Razor rides and walks on the beach. Duke’s CBD oil has been a blessing. Thank you Irina and Duke, David, Roxann, and Makai Smith

Panga Lab Testitonial

Thank you all very much for these products. It has been a tremendous help to our 2 year old Yellow Lab who had a leg injury at a young age! - Panga in Webberville, TX

Dukes Naturals Happy Customer Brit

First day! Thanks Duke! I get so scared of thunderstorms so my mom is starting me on your tincture now because there's rain in the forecast this week! - Brit in Austin, TX


We adopted our greyhound, Monty Python, when he was just 2-1/2 years old. Ever since we've had him, Monty exhibited high anxiety and stress when inside the house. He was very nervous to walk down hallways, between living room furniture, and even doorways. Interestingly, he was very comfortable and in his element outdoors. We tried training techniques, homeopathic medicines, and essential oils, to no avail, and prescription drugs tended to subdue him too much. Since using Duke's Naturals Pet CBD Oil with Monty for 6-months, he has become more confident and relaxed indoors, even when traveling in our motorhome. Duke's Naturals has made all the difference in our boy's life!

Cosmo and Zoe

I purchased Duke’s Naturals Pet CBD Oil for my older dog Cosmo, he has very bad arthritis in his back legs where the vet wanted to put him on medicine that would be harmful to his kidneys. That’s why I looked into CBD oil. I like the fact that this is all natural and not harmful to him. He has been using this twice a day for three months and I already see a big difference. My vet was so pleased to see that he’s walking so much better. I definitely recommended Duke’s Naturals CBD oil . Irina was so helpful with any questions I had. ~ Denise M. New York

Jeff Feedback

Leeloo is our more high-stress of the two, barking at every noise that even resembles someone coming to the house, not to mention the regular visits from UPS and Amazon. Fireworks and trips to the groomer also stress her out, so I decided to try CBD. I first purchased some chews to use as needed but did not notice any effect, so next tried some drops with the same result. I heard about Duke's Naturals and after reviewing their website, placed an order for the 1000mg full spectrum tincture. After only one dose, I noticed that Leeloo was much calmer. So now I give it to both dogs daily and have just set up a recurring subscription. Glad to have found a product that works, and to support a local business as well.


Irina Plakas - Registered Pharmacist
Founder - Duke's Naturals & "Duke's Momma"

Hi, I am a registered Pharmacist with over 25 years of pharmacy experience. In my years of retail pharmacy practice, I have seen many patients, both humans and animals, suffer from stress, anxiety & chronic pain.

Most of the time doctors prescribed prescription antidepressants such as Zoloft, Prozac, and Paxil for stress relief. Other times, they prescribed Xanax, Valium and pain killers with narcotics like Vicodin or Percocet. These prescription medications can be habit-forming and often have negative side effects.

For several years, I worked in drug safety for a large well known pharmaceutical company evaluating adverse events from prescription medications and reporting them to health authorities all over the world. In both work spectrums, I have experienced first hand all of the adverse effects that were caused by the prescribed medications.

I have also spent the last few years fostering dogs and working with local Pet Rescues. I have seen first hand how hard it can be for rescue dogs to acclimate to their new families. Duke himself was a foster before we adopted him! CBD was a big positive factor in Duke's acclimation from a dog who couldn't even be walked or sit still to a dog who traveled over 6,000 miles with us in an RV!

I started Duke's Naturals so that your pet(and you) can also get back to normal, naturally, with no harmful side effects!

Every Batch Is Tested
At Duke's Naturals we strives to set the standards for the rest of the CBD industry. We have every batch of CBD-rich hemp oil thoroughly tested through an independent third-party lab to ensure accuracy, consistency, potency and safety.

Giving Health While Giving Back
At Duke's Naturals, we are committed to giving back. For every purchase, we will donate a percentage to local animal rescues, shelters  & charities.

Made in Texas - Organically Grown Hemp
Our hemp is always grown under rigorous farming standards and strict guidelines within U.S. soil. All of our CBD oils are manufactured in GMP or ISO certified facilities using Organic Hemp.

Duke's CBD for Humans

Aaron and Duke green

Duke loves his humans too! On walks & hikes Duke gets excited to see humans (especially the kids). On Duke's request we also offer CBD oil products for Humans!


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