10 Easy Ways On How To Keep My Dog Happy

10 Easy Ways On How To Keep My Dog Happy

It is very important to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy.

Some people think that they need to constantly take their dog for a walk or buy them chew toys to keep them happy, but this is not always the case.

Here are 10 easy ways on how to keep your dog happy:

1. Make sure your happy dogs gets plenty of exercise

Dogs were created by nature to live in the wild, where they hunt for food and run around all day chasing various animals. It’s important to give a dog this kind of release from time to time so it can be a healthy, active pet. If you have a backyard, you could put up some agility obstacles or give them somewhere comfortable with grass to lie down.

2. Give happy adult dogs attention

If your happy dogs is not getting enough attention or you are away at work all day, it can get very lonely and bored. Make sure to give your pooch plenty of love and affection whenever you get the chance. This will keep them happy for years to come! Also, bringing your dog around children will be good for both of them – they’ll have someone to play with when you’re busy.

3. Get training sessions in

Even if your very happy dog already knows a lot of tricks, it never hurts to go in for some extra training sessions every now and then. It’s important to make sure that your dog stays well trained so nobody gets bitten when there are visitors over the house or when s/he is around children.

4. Teach them something new

Your dog will never get bored of learning new tricks and might even think you’re really fun to hang out with! Teaching your dog to do a trick can give them more attention and snacks which they love – it’s a win-win situation. Once again, if you have visitors over, you could show off some awesome tricks that your happy dog knows and everyone will be impressed.

5. Help keep their teeth clean

Dogs who don’t keep their teeth clean tend to develop health problems much sooner than those who brush their teeth regularly. You can use pet toothpaste or human toothpaste (but only the non-whitening ones!) and put it on just like a treat. You should do this every day if possible. If you want to, you could even get your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned at the vets once every month or so!

6. Make sure they don’t get bored

It is important for dogs not to get bored because they tend not to play with toys when they are by themselves and can sometimes get destructive. Make sure your dog has enough toys like bones, balls etc. to play with whenever there’s nothing else going on! Try teaching them how to fetch – it really helps kill some time if you’re stuck indoors for a while.

Other family pets are very important for happy dogs, especially if they are on their own most of the day. Cat’s are great company for dogs who are left alone during the day, but make sure to teach your dog not to chase or hurt them! You can also get a new puppy – they will keep each other occupied all day and never be bored!

7. Give your dog appropriate food

Dogs may be able to eat human food that we cannot, but that doesn’t mean that you can just give them any old food that you have lying around your house. Make sure to feed them a balanced diet or raw food that suits their breed and size – consult a vet if you’re unsure. Also, make sure they get a lot of water, as dehydration can lead to a lot of health problems for dogs!

8. Play with them

Playing is one of the best ways to keep your dog happy and healthy, but make sure not to overdo it because it will wear them out very quickly! Playing fetch is great exercise, as well as tug-of-war or other games you might invent. Just make sure everything is kept under control so nobody gets hurt!

Dog’s happiness and energy is greatly increased through exercise and playing with their owner. Long walks on a leash are great for dogs, especially smaller ones or those that aren’t very active. You can also throw a stick or frisbee for your dog to fetch, bring the ball out when you’re playing fetch or just turn on some music and dance around together!

9. Learn how to be a pack leader

Being the pack leader is a very important part of being pet owners. If you don’t establish yourself as the leader, your dog could easily become aggressive or rebellious towards you and other members of the family. Make sure to learn how to discipline your dog using a firm but fair voice and make them listen instantly when they do something wrong.

10. Keep them from getting bored

Dogs who get bored often develop bad behavior such as chewing on your favorite footwear or barking all day for no reason at all. Try making sure that there’s always someone home with an energetic dog because nobody wants to come back from work to find their house destroyed! Also, try taking your pet outside for long walks every day, it’s good exercise for them and you. This can help reduce any boredom that they might have.

Sometimes you can tell how the dog is feeling by looking at the dog’s body language or dog’s behavior.


Unhappy dog – their ears are down, head low, tail is between their legs and they are avoiding eye contact.

Happy dog – Their ears are up, head raised high and eyes wide open.

The above article is a general guide to make sure you know several important points about your pet. If you are interested in more information then please contact us. Just like humans, dogs also require lots of attention and love when it comes to taking care of them. They need their exercise, healthy food, playtime, training sessions etc.

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