3 Ways To Keep Your Pet Feeling Good

3 Ways To Keep Your Pet Feeling Good

It’s not hard to keep your pet feeling good because health and wellness are important not only for humans, but are valuable for our furry friends, too! So when it comes to caring for your dog, you want to make sure you’re doing whatever you can to help your pet feeling good and healthy throughout their life. Your dog makes you feel good by providing companionship, and you want to make sure they feel good, too.

There are some easy things you can do to ensure your dog feels their best day in and day out.

1. Stay Active Through Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of health and well being, and a key to maintaining a healthy weight even in pets. Exercising goes beyond just running out back to go to the bathroom, and should be incorporated into a daily routine. To keep your dog at their best, it’s essential they get a good amount of exercise each and every day.

There are many things you can do to help your pet stay active, from letting them run around with other dogs in a public dog park, to going for a nice, long walk around your local area, to playing fetch or tug-of-war in the backyard each morning. You can also opt for a hike together (most trails are pet-friendly), a swim in your local pool or lake, or even bring your dog on your morning run.

2. Eliminate Stress With CBD

Stress isn’t good for humans, and it can be equally detrimental for pets, too. Stress can feel unpleasant to deal with, and can lead to anxiety which causes a lot of strain on the mind and body. Stress has also been linked to more serious health issues, such as physical pain, weight changes, and difficulty sleeping.

It can sometimes be hard to know when our pets are feeling good or stressed, but clues can include barking or crying, or acting afraid of a certain event such as a storm or being left alone. There are some easy ways to ease your pet’s stress, including the increasingly popular method of giving your pet CBD. CBD is an all-natural substance which helps reduce stress and anxiety in pets and humans alike. Feeding your pet a small amount of CBD is sure to help keep them calm and less anxious, and feeling good no matter what external factors arise.

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2. Stay Nutritious With Good Food

There are a lot of pet food choices out there these days, and foods generally come two common forms – dry kibble or wet canned food. Although it may seem boring to feed your pet the same thing repeatedly, pet foods are beneficial and provide the essential nutrients they need to maintain energy and function at their best. There are more food choices than ever these days, boasting a variety of positives, but it’s important to remember that not all foods are created the same. Just as similar human foods can have very different nutrients or lack thereof, so can pet foods.

No matter which food you choose, it’s important to do so thoughtfully and select a formula that is correct for your specific pet’s breed, age, or stage in life (IE puppy versus adults). You should also be mindful to select those choices aimed at pets with dietary or food allergies if your pet struggles with these. If you’re unsure which food is best, reading the label or consulting with a professional like a vet is a good way to ensure you provide your dog with the nutrients they need to feel good.

What else do you do to keep your pet feeling their best? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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