Stop Your Dog From Being Afraid Of Loud Noises

5 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Being Afraid Of Loud Noises

Dogs are naturally afraid of loud noises. There is a reason that you see dogs cowering in fear and trembling when they hear something like thunder or fireworks, and this blog post will help give you some ideas for how to help your dog deal with these scary situations. If your dog seems anxious during the day because of loud noises, try playing calming music or giving them treats before the noise happens!

1- Turn on calming music.

The music from The Piano Guys is pretty soothing during loud noises like thunderstorms.”Moments Like This” by Mumford & Sons has also been proven to make people feel better when they are feeling stressed or anxious.”Wherever You Here is one example of music for dogs: “Endless Summer – Live at the Hollywood Bowl.” This music has a lot of different types of instruments and songs that will help your anxious dog relax especially during scary noises!

2- Play with your dog before the noise happens to tire them out.

The dog games I like to play with my dog include fetch, hide and seek, tug-of-war, chase me. These are all easy dog games for children or adults of any age and helps dogs cope with fear. When playing these dog games it is important to have a large enough area that the dog can run around freely.

3- Buy a Thundershirt (aka Thunder Coats) for your dog.

The Thundershirt is a dog vest that has been proven to calm stressed dogs by applying pressure on their chest and neck, which reduces stress in them. The fabric of the vests are also light so they don’t get too hot when it’s warm outside or if there are multiple layers underneath the Dog Vest.

The Thundershirt is a great investment for stressed dogs since it has been shown to reduce stress in them and also be effective with different breeds of dog. It’s not just stressful environments that cause anxiety for your pet, but other things such as strangers or dog’s fear. The Thundershirt can help combat these problems by minimizing the causes of stress in your dog.

A stressed out animal can be a danger to themselves and others, so it’s important that you make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible. The Thundershirt will help with this by putting pressure on their chest and neck to reduce the anxiety they may feel from other things such as loud noises like lightning or thunder.

4- Give your dog treats! Your dog will love them.

Dog Treats are perfect when scary noises happen. They’re loud and startling sounds to dogs, but they’ll be happy as can be if you give them treats while you get loud around the house or elsewhere!

5- Give your dog high levels of CBD oil to help their anxiety during fireworks/thunder.

Especially during 4th of July or New Years’s eve dogs get very scared from the loud noises. CBD oil is a CBD-infused product that has been proven to help with anxiety in dogs. CBD works by increasing serotonin levels and decreasing cortisol levels, which leads to less stress and more relaxation. CBD also decreases inflammation in the body, helping dogs feel better overall and calmer during stressful times like fireworks or thunderstorms. CBD can be used for dogs and CBD oil can be given to them through their food, or added onto a dog treat. CBD will not get your pet high, but it may help with symptoms of anxiety.

Buy CBD oil here.

What kind of music do you think would be calming? What’s on your playlist to help get rid of stress? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear what works best for you and we’ll update this blog post accordingly.

Thanks so much for reading, have an awesome day 🙂.

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