All About The Canines: Dental Health For DogsAll About The Canines: Dental Health For Dogs

Did you know that February was the National Pet Dental Health Month? In honor of this fact, we wanted to share some tips for keeping your pet’s teeth clean this month and all year round.

Although sometimes overlooked, your dog’s dental hygiene is important for many reasons — some of which go beyond his or her mouth! Maintaining good dental health can have an impact on other aspects of your dog’s well-being, including heart, liver and kidney function. Conversely, not maintaining good dental health can result in some negative health implications. Here are three easy ways to maintain good dental health. 

3 Ways To Improve Pet Dental Health

Regular Brushing

Did you know you can brush your pet’s teeth just like you brush your own (but don’t use your toothpaste)? They sell toothpaste for dogs or you can use baking soda with olive oil and make your own. It’s actually recommended to brush as often as daily, although for some this can be difficult – especially if your pup won’t cooperate. Aim to brush at least once a week, or as often as your schedule and dog allows. If your dog is stressed by brushing, try making it part of the daily routine so it becomes an expected activity. You can also try giving your dog a bit of CBD to calm their nerves before brush time.


Some dog treats are specially formulated to promote dental health and can help reduce plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth. The treats work when they are chewed, and when chewing takes place over several minutes and the treats aren’t immediately “wolfed down” the treats are most effective. This can be a good option for dogs who aren’t keen on having their teeth brushed, or for use between brushings. If you aren’t a fan of giving your dog treats, there are also some specially-formulated dog foods which are good for dental health.


Dogs can go to the dentist, too, and should ensure their teeth and gums remain healthy. A veterinarian can conduct a dental exam as well as provide teeth cleanings when necessary,  which use powerful tools to clean both the teeth and under the gums. Veterinarians can also conduct screenings for dental cancer during the visit, making it an important part of your pet’s overall health care routine.

As you can see, taking care of your pet’s dental health is extremely important both during this special month and all year round. Dental health is just one of the many ways to keep your dog feeling good

All About The Canines: Dental Health For Dogs

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