Famous Dogs!

Dogs Dogs Dogs! We love dogs! 

Let’s face it, dogs are in every part of our lives. Rarely can we go out and about without seeing a dog. We’ve grown up with them or see them on TV. They come in every shape and size.

We have a connection with dogs that surpasses all human explanations. They bring us comfort, companionship, and are our biggest cheerleaders. Dogs are truly our best friend. 

There have been many famous dogs throughout history. Here is a quick list of some of our favorites: 


Of course everyone knows Lassie. Lassie started out as a book hero and was made even more famous with television!  This well trained dog was made for TV and turned us all into dog lovers instantly. 


Balto was a Siberian Husky that helped the children of Nome Alaska, by pulling the sleigh to bring the needed medicine during an epidemic.  He is celebrated in Central Park with a statue. 

Presidential Pups are quite famous too! Almost all of the presidents have had dogs. JFK had the most with 9! We also noticed there are not a lot of Presidents with their cat pictures out there, just saying. 

President Hoover with his dog King Tut
JFK’s dog


And of course the ever popular Boo the dog is an endless supply of cute! As dogs are now as mainstream as ever, the instagram loving, photogenic Boo was a hit from the beginning. Top dog model if there ever was one. 

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But our favorite dog of all is the one we call ours! Give your favorite dog a hug for us.

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