How Do You Know You Are Buying Quality CBD Oil?

How Do You Know You Are Buying Quality CBD Oil?

As you may have already known, CBD oil is one of the most popular health supplements in the market. It has been used for a very long time by our ancestors to cure some physical and emotional problems that they might be going through. Of course, their understanding of it was a bit different from what we know today. They thought it had more spiritual effects than medicinal benefits. But as science progressed and people started doing their own research on the best CBD oil, its medical benefits were revealed and confirmed.

In this article, I will discuss some essential things that you should look at when buying high quality CBD oil online so that you can get your money’s worth while purchasing a high-quality product at the same time. Here they are:

#1. Extraction Method

You cannot begin to talk about CBD oil without discussing its extraction method first. The method of extraction decides the concentration, purity and medical effects of the product you are going to buy. All of these three elements combined determine if you are buying a high-quality CBD oil or just another useless product that does not contain any amount of cannabinoids.

So what is it that differentiates one kind of CBD oil from another? It’s all in the way they are extracted. There are two types of methods used for extracting CBD – by using solvents or by CO2 extraction . Most commercial companies use chemicals like butane, hexane, propylene glycol which are very harsh chemicals that can even destroy the organic compounds of CBD oil. On the other hand, CO2 extraction is natural and does not harm the quality of the product in any way.

So if you see that a company is using an expensive extraction method, then it is highly likely that their product will be good for consumption. Don’t just go by their word though – always look up reviews online to figure out if they are actually telling the truth about their CBD products.

#2. Extensive testing

Or Third Party Lab Testing. Always check if a company performs extensive lab testing on its CBD oil to make sure only high purity and high concentration end up in your hands or else you won’t know how much actual CBD you are consuming per dosage. An ideal CBD oil should contain around 50-75% CBD with very minimal traces of THC. If your oil contains more than this, then it is most likely not the best quality you can get for your money.

Some companies use harsh chemicals to extract CBD oil which may even alter its chemical structure. Always check if a company performs HPLC testing to make sure they are providing you safe CBD oil. It’s also helpful to know what country they perform lab testing in because since cannabis laws are changing rapidly all over the world, some countries might be more inclined towards legalizing them than others. You should also check reviews online about how often that particular company submits their product for third-party test validation and how good the reviews are of these tests so you can judge if they really do submit their CBD products for testing or not.

Some companies also go an extra mile and send their CBD oil to a trusted third party that performs cannabinoid profiling and then they publish the data online so you can study it yourself. This is very helpful because cannabinoid profile plays a significant role in determining how your body will react to CBD oil. A good company must provide you with all possible information about its product so that you know exactly what kind of CBD oil you are buying.

#3. Customer reviews

Nowadays, there is no shortage of review websites where people can post their experiences with different CBD products they purchased from various companies around the world.

You should always check out what other people have to say about a particular company’s CBD oil before you make your final purchase decision. Of course, there is no guarantee that every review will be positive but negative reviews can tell you about the quality of their CBD products and if they actually work as they claim to do so or not. Read as many reviews as possible because it gives better picture than just checking one-off testimonials which might be fake or paid for by the company itself.

#4. Anti inflammatory Properties

If you read the label on certain brands of CBD oil, you’ll find out that most of them contain anti inflammatory properties. CBD oil is a good anti-inflammatory agent and it can also reduce acne on your skin, if that’s what you are looking for. So make sure to keep a lookout on the label of a brand before deciding on buying their product.

#5. Availability of Various Sizes

When you’re going to buy any kind of CBD oil online, one important thing you must consider is whether or not that company offers various sizes of its CBD products as well as different volumes per size. For example, if a company only offers 30 ml bottles then obviously their prices will be higher than someone who offers 10 ml bottles at the same rate because companies that offer lower quantities obviously have less overhead costs which they can pass onto customers by charging lower rates.

#6. Other Products Offered by a Company

Even if you are only going to buy CBD oil, it’s important that you check out other CBD products offered by a company because sometimes they have different formulations of their CBD oils which might affect the purity of the product and also its rate. For example, some companies offer pure CBD oil while others have combined it with terpenes for more flavor or even THC for extra potency. Brands that offer various concentrations will obviously charge more or less compared to someone who just offers one option in terms of concentration per unit volume.

Full Spectrum CBD Oils Tincture or CBD Isolate.

Always check the label for various concentrations that a company offers its customers. If possible, try to buy full spectrum CBD oil because it contains other cannabinoids that are very beneficial for your health. CBD isolate only contains CBD, so you might miss out on the benefits of various other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and so on.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil or CBD Isolate

If you want to be absolutely sure that your CBD oil tincture is free from THC and won’t cause any psychoactive reactions then CBD isolate is the way to go. However, if you want a full spectrum oil then it’s better that you read the label and check out if the CBD oil you are about to buy contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and so on.

#7. Return Policy and Customer Support

One thing a customer must consider is how reputable a particular company’s return policy is . As CBD oil is a very sensitive product, if the company’s return policy isn’t good then you risk losing your money in case anything goes wrong which can happen with CBD oils too.

You should always check out what customer support they provide to their customers because it really matters when something goes wrong and your order gets delayed or lost in transit. It also helps if customer support personnel are knowledgeable about CBD products they offer but of course not all companies hire educated people for this job.

#8. License Status

Another important thing to consider when buying CBD oil is whether or not that particular BD oil brand is licensed. Licensed brands are required by law to follow certain standards regarding the production of their products so that customers get pure and safe CBD products instead of toxic crap that’s mixed with some CBD oil.

#9. Public Knowledge About Their Products

One of the main aspects to consider when buying anything is how much does that product or service provider handle its own marketing and promotion . Does it rely on word-of-mouth generated by customers? Or does it not care about any kind of promotion and you have to find their product all over the internet yourself? How do they answer customer queries ? These types of questions can be easily found out if you read review websites and forums where people talk about different brands and what they think about them. If a brand has high marketing budget then obviously they will have more visibility on various platforms but smaller companies might rely on word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

#10. List of Ingredients in CBD Oil

When it comes to CBD oil, one important thing that you have to look into is the ingredient label . The ingredients should be listed in detail so that you know what kind of CBD oils are being used in their products and how much of it. Some companies might use industrial hemp which contains high levels of THC because industrial hemp isn’t regulated by FDA or USDA whereas medicinal hemp has strict regulation when it comes to THC levels. Look for detailed information about ingredients if you want something safe without any psychoactive effects!

#11. Reputation Among Customers

One very basic thing that you must consider before buying anything is how good a product’s reputation among customers is . A brand’s reputation can be found on review websites and forums where people talk about different brands and what they think about them. If a product has bad reviews then obviously you should avoid it!

#12. Reputation Among Medical Professionals

You might or might not know but best CBD oils are also used as a medical treatment too just like any other drug or medication that’s been approved by FDA . If the company claims their CBD oils to have medical benefits, then it should have some kind of information present on their website regarding its therapeutic properties so that people who buy from them can present these documents to their physicians for a prescription if required. The company should provide detailed information about how CBD oils works in the body and also show evidence stating why they think that their CBD oil scan cure or treat a certain problem.

#13. Number of Years Company Has Been in Business

How old is the company? Is it a new business venture? Or does it have 5 years of experience under its belt already? If you want a product from a reliable brand then obviously you should go for something which has been at this business for more than 2-3 years! Longevity also shows that the company’s customer support staff is knowledgeable, they’ve answered hundreds and thousands of queries from customers over time and hence know how to handle people properly.

#14. What Are The CBD Oil Prices?

The CBD oils prices vary from company to company and mostly depend on the brand or manufacturer of that product. The more popular a product, higher will be the cost but that doesn’t mean that just because something has a high price tag it is high quality! So always look at things like what kind of hemp was used for making this particular type of CBD oils etc.

#15. What Is Their Shipping Policy?

One important thing to check before buying anything online is what the shipping policy of that company is . If you order something and they take a long time for delivering it, then obviously it will be a problem. But if you place an order and they offer free shipping because they have warehouses located all across the country, then obviously that’s good! There are some companies that offer home delivery too but you might not want to opt for such services as sometimes these businesses give priority to their own products over yours just because they’re paying them more money which means your package can get stuck at their warehouse for days ! So always read customer reviews and also see what other people say about their shipping policies.

In conclusion, if you’re confused about how to choose good quality CBD oils then always remember that before buying anything, it is essential that you read reviews. Reviews can help you understand the pros and cons of a product. They can tell you whether or not the product will be useful for your problem and most importantly they can show you what kind of people are saying about this product and give insights into their overall experiences with the brand in general!

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