How To Choose Toys For Your Dog

How To Choose Toys For Your Dog

There is an amazing variety of dog toys available these days. It can be hard to know where to begin when trying to decide which are the best toys for your dog and which will not wear out easily or put your dog at risk.

Even though some people may say that a dog’s toy doesn’t need to be anything fancy, this just isn’t true in many cases. A good quality dog toy can actually promote tremendously healthy play and also bring more enjoyment than less durable alternatives.

First, what are your dogs favorite toys?

Are they stuffed animals or balls? There is no point in purchasing something that your dog isn’t going to love to play with and it won’t build much of an interest in the toy if you have to force them to interact with it regularly. If they have no interest then they will just end up ignoring the toy and it can get annoying for both of you.

Second, think about which parts of your dog’s body need exercise the most.

If you own a Great Dane then this probably isn’t as big of an issue because they are fairly large all over, but smaller breeds may benefit from more intense focus on one specific area such as their legs or their neck.

Finally, think about how much money you want to spend and what kind of quality construction and material your dog needs.

Some dog toys can be pretty expensive but there are others that are relatively inexpensive that can be just as effective in creating a good time with your pet.

When trying to decide on which type of dog toy would best suit your dog it is important to consider their size, age, breed and even personality when making the decision. There are several factors that should go into deciding which dog toy will last longest and which will give them the most enjoyment along the way.

For example, if you have a young puppy then you may need puppy toys like something made from leather or natural fibers such as cotton or hemp instead of nylon because they tend to be more durable and less likely to wear out as fast. They can also help with the dog’s teeth especially when they are teething.

Also, you may want to look for toys that are designed to have treats stashed inside of them like peanut butter so your puppy can be rewarded while playing with the toy.

We love WEST PAW Zogoflex Jive Ball from Amazon, it’s recyclable, Latex-Free, Non-Toxic, Dishwasher Safe.  It’s very durable and unlikely your dog will rip it up like a tennis ball. Keep your friendly Fido entertained in the pool, lake or river with this dog ball chew toy from West Paw that is squishy and floatable, making it the perfect dog water toy.

Per Wikipedia, wood chew toys are made of a safe, non-poisonous, softer wood and are often coated in bright, vegetable-based dyes or paints. Chew toy are given in place of the wood that small animals would find in the wild. They are a safe alternative for a small animal owner to purchase if the owner has no knowledge of the trees and shrubs growing in their area. They are generally used as either small rodents toys or rabbit toys. Wooden chew toys help to keep teeth trimmed down, preventing eating difficulties in pets and unnecessary trips to a vet for teeth clipping. An example of a wooden chew toy is the commercial product toy ropes.

Per Forbes, want soft toys for a serious chewer? It’s hard to beat the lineup from Tuffy Toys. My golden has ripped apart a few pretty high-end softies, but can’t put a scratch on her shark from Tuffy Toys. They use multiple layers of a smooth soft material, not fuzzy, no hairs to pull out, on top of one another with seven layers of stitching, and they are as solid as you can find in soft toys (and widely available).

When choosing pet toys it is important to get something colorful and fun like a squeaky toy that will spark your dog’s interest in play (tug of war) and exercise. It doesn’t matter how expensive or fancy a toy may be if your dog isn’t interested in using it then it isn’t going to work anyway. With all of the choices available today it is actually quite easy to find just the right type of toy for any sized breed and even specific needs that your dogs need fulfilled as well.

Here is a good article from Buzzfeed, 33 Toy Gifts That’ll Make Your Dog Say “Woof Woof” (Because They Can’t Say “Thank You”).

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