How To Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

Your dog’s anxiety may be high and there are tips to help you reduce it .Whether you’re a human or an animal, life can be stressful. For our dogs, there are lots of things that can result in anxiety or stress – from loud noises, to storms, to unfamiliar situations or people. These feelings can impact our pets, leaving them with mental symptoms of anxiety as well as physical ones we can observe (such as shaking, crying, or hiding). As pet owners it’s absolutely essential we are attuned to our pets’ emotions as well as triggers for when they get stressed out, so we can best respond to help them!

When your pet is stressed, there are some easy things you can do to help them out. Our tips below will help you help your dog feel better fast whenever anxiety (or lightening) strikes.

How To Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

Walk (Or Run) It Out

Just as exercise releases endorphins and contributes to stress reduction in humans, it can do the same for pets. If your pet is anxious, leash up and enjoy some time outdoors together. The exercise will make them feel good both mentally and physically, as well as distract them from whatever the stressor may be (or remove them from the environment entirely). Fitness is of course good for your dog, too, and helps keep them feeling well year-round.

Try CBD Pet Products

By now it’s likely you’ve heard the buzz about CBD’s and its effectiveness in reducing anxiety in humans accordingly. Turns out, the same is true for pets! CBD is as safe for animals as it is humans, meaning your dog can benefit from CBD, too. CBD is a great and all-natural way to reduce your dog’s anxiety. At Duke’s Naturals, we have calming beef & bacon flavored CBD dog treats which may be particularly appealing to your dog.

Put On A Thunder Shirt

A “thunder shirt” is a popular item, and is, in essence, a very tight t-shirt for a dog. The tight sensation is intended to hug or comfort the animal and make them feel safe and reduce anxiety. Thunder shirts are often used for situational events, such as when a pet is scared of say a storm, hence the nod to a thunderstorm in the name.

Spend Quality Time

What better way to help your pet decrease stress than spend some time together. Often, sitting with your dog, petting them, or showing them some love will help alleviate their negative feelings and put them at ease. Your dog may not be able to talk to you, but knowing they have their owners nearby can still be hugely helpful.

These strategies should help your pet cope next time they are feeling anxious. Even better, try combining some of the recommendations above in high-stress situations! Why not give your dog CBD and then head outdoors for that walk. If you’re ready to try CBD to help treat your pet’s anxiety, check out all the amazing products we have to offer and learn more about getting started with CBD for your pet today.

Beef and Bacon CBD treats

We hope you enjoyed our post on How To Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety!

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