Natural Treatments for Dog Ear Infection

Natural Treatments for Dog Ear Infection

Treating ear infections in dogs can be hard and frustrating. Dogs often don’t give us feedback when there are problems, so it’s up to us to inspect their ears for any abnormalities.

To explore your dog’s ear, take a look at the ear canals and the inside parts. You will see wax or dark brown coloration which is normal. If you notice any changes like discharge or odor, contact your veterinarian immediately.

You should also use a flashlight to examine the ear canals, particularly if you want to see any earwax that might be obstructing the airway.

If your examination shows that there is something living in the ear canals such as a tick or dirt, be sure to remove it. Be careful not to push anything deeper into the depths of the ear canals because this will make infection more likely and painful for your dog.

Suffering from an unpleasant, red and puffy, swollen ear of your dog?

Well don’t worry! There are effective natural treatments that can safely cure your dog’s ear infections. If you want to treat dogs ear infection at home naturally, below are some tips available in the market which is completely effective if followed properly:

The combination of vinegar and alcohol is known for their antibacterial properties that works perfectly well on a dog’s ears. Just soak cotton balls in this solution and then place them carefully inside the ear to clean the dog’s ears. You can also add any essential oil into this solution such as lavender or rosemary that makes the process more pleasant and effective.

Dogs ear infection – Garlic Juice for Treating Ear Infections

This is one of the most effective home remedy to treat dog’s ear infection. Extract fresh garlic juice by crushing cloves and then add 2 tsp of it into 1 cup of water; allow it to cool down a bit before placing cotton balls soaked in this solution inside your dog’s ear. This will slowly but surely clear out all infections from within his/her ears. Make sure you clean your dog’d ears at least once daily for things to get better faster!

Dogs ear infection – Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for Treating Ear Infections

After extracting fresh apple juice, mix it with equal amounts of water and then add 3-4 drops of lemon juice to this mixture. Apply a few drops of this solution into the infected ear lobe of your dog. Make sure you clean his/her ears with cotton balls dipped in this solution regularly for quick relief from infection.

Dogs ear infection – Echinacea (Echinaforce)

The best known homeopathic remedy for treating infection is echinacea that comes as an herbal extract or tincture which can be placed directly inside the infected ear. You can also opt for syringes if you don’t wish to do it manually!

Dogs ear infection – Propolis for Treating Ear Infections

Propolis is a natural antibiotic that can be prepared at home by simply mixing honey with propolis extract and then heating the mix till all the ingredients come together completely! Place one or two drops of this mixture inside your dog’s infected ear to notice an immediate improvement in his condition. Use clean cloth to wipe away any excess solution if there is any, after placing it inside the ears or else you will end up making things worse for him! FYI: If the dog’s infection doesn’t improve within 2 weeks, seek professional assistance as soon as possible lest he gets worse leading to serious complications!

Dogs ear infection – Olive Oil for Treating Ear Infections

This is another effective home remedy that can cure your pet’s infected ears naturally. Heat a few drops of olive oil till its warm enough and then apply it into his infected ear. Do this regularly and you will notice significant improvement in his condition within no time at all!

It is also possible that your dog may have ear mites. Ear mites are a huge nuisance to your dog. These tiny insects make themselves at home inside your pet’s ears and cause discomfort because they can’t be seen with naked eyes. At times, one or two may seem harmless but if not treated early enough on time will multiply in numbers making it difficult for you treat them. The problem is that most owners try treating their pets by using over-the-counter medications which do more harm than good since these chemicals have ingredients that causes allergic reactions such as itching and inflammation of the skin inside the ears resulting in more irritation.

The best way to know whether there is an infestation of mites on your dog or not is by taking close look into dog’s ears. If you are able to see tiny white specks moving around in the ear, then your dog has ear mites and needs to be taken to a veterinarian for prescription medication.

If you cannot take him or her to a vet immediately, here is a natural home remedy that can help treat the problem without putting your pet through unnecessary stress and pain.

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent remedy for treating ear mites at home since it won’t cause any side effects on dogs unlike other chemicals found in medications. This solution acts as a perfect pesticide once it comes into contact with dust mites because they will die after inhaling its fumes which may cause breathing problems if not treated properly with hydrogen peroxide. The mixture should applied to the affected area using a dropper and left overnight . The next day, wash the dog’s ear with clean water to clear out any dead mites.

Despite the fact that these natural treatments are completely safe, they may not work for every case so always consult a professional vet if things don’t improve even after trying out any one of these remedies for 2 weeks or more!! Hope this post was helpful. Thanks Share it on Facebook & Twitter!

Natural Treatments for Dog Ear Infection

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